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Angel in the Street Epilogue

Spoiler Alert: This is the epilogue to the book, Angel in the Street. Please purchase and read the book before you read this section.



Silky, light blue fabric swirled around Angel’s legs in the foyer of St. Ann’s Church as Angel twirled in circles. She loved the feeling of the soft chiffon against her skin. Her shoes made a pleasant clicking sound against the tile on the floor as she danced, heel, toe, heel, toe. Her hair, pulled into an elegant French braid, came loose a little and hung in front of her eyes, and she swept it back with one hand.


A couple came through the door and looked around.


“Are you here for the wedding?” Angel hurried to the beautiful lacy book on the stand and picked up the feather pen. “Would you please sign the register?” She held the pen out to the woman, who took it and smiled.


“You sure look pretty today, Angel.”


Angel gasped. “How do you—”


“It’s Candy. You don’t recognize your friend from Hand in Hand? I used to save donuts for you.”


A grin spread over Angel’s thin face. “Candy! You look different.”


Candy nodded. “I got a haircut and a husband.” She pulled the man closer. “This is Hayden. Hayden, this is Angel.”


Hayden bent down and reached out a very large hand toward Angel, who looked at it a moment before putting her small pale hand in his. “I’m honored to meet you, Angel. I’ve heard a lot of stories about you.”


Angel nodded and pulled her hand away.


Judy Bunn came out of the hallway and stopped short. “Candy!” She hurried over and flung her arms around the woman. “You came! I’m so glad! And this must be Hayden.” She let go of Candy and stretched an arm toward the tall man.


Hayden stood and turned, extending his hand. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a hug.


“I’m a hugger.” She pulled back and studied him intently. “And you won our Candy, so you must be a special guy.” She patted him on the chest as she backed away. “Please take good care of her. She’s such a sweetheart.”


She leaned over and looked at Angel. “I came to get you, Angel. It’s almost time, and you have to come get ready with the flower basket. Is your mom here yet?”


Angel shook her head. “She’ll be late, cause she is tutoring. She’ll be here though.”


“Well, come along then. Candy, Hayden, go right on in. Sit anywhere you want.” She waved and ushered Angel down the hall to the dressing room.


Barry poked his head through the side door of the chancel and looked out at the gathered crowd. The organist turned and looked at him. “Two minutes,” he said, holding two fingers up. “Everyone’s ready.”


She nodded, and shuffled her music, checking the stops to make sure the settings were correct. “I’ll start the prelude.”


“Perfect.” He held up his thumb, and ducked out, closing the door quietly.


Penny tapped his shoulder, and he jumped. Turning around, he looked at her, taking in the emerald green jacket with the lime green sequined collar, and the towering blond hairdo. He grimaced slightly. “Penny! You’re ready?”


Her red lips parted in a huge smile and she nodded. “I was born ready,” she drawled. “Now, I’m singing right after the dad gives the bride away, right? Do I sit on the platform till then, or do you want me to enter right before I sing?”


Barry pursed his lips. “Um, just sit on the end of the first row. And remember, this isn’t a concert. Don’t introduce the song, and no comments for the bride and groom. Save those for the reception.”


“Oh, Barry! This isn’t my first rodeo.” Penny swatted his arm playfully.


“I’m well aware, Penny. I’ve been to weddings where you sang. Remember? That’s why I mention it.”


Penny sighed. “Fine. I was only going to say—”


“Save it for the reception.” Barry exited the anteroom and hurried down the hall.


In the grooms dressing room, three men hovered anxiously, looking up when Barry entered.


“You guys ready? It’s time to go.” Barry reached out and straightened Seth’s tie.


“I’ve done that a dozen times.” Donovan clapped Seth on the shoulder. “I think he keeps pulling at it. Is this the first time you’ve ever worn one of those?”


Seth shook his head. “I had to wear one in court, remember? At Q’s trial.”


Rorshack adjusted his crutches and shuffled his feet. “I’m ready to get this thing done and over,” he slurred, his speech halting and slow. “I don’t like wearing this noose either.” He bobbed his head up and down. “Let’s go.”


Barry opened the door, and the four men filed out, Rorshack bringing up the rear.


“You got the ring?” Barry asked, for the fifth time.


Donovan patted his chest. “Right here.”


“Okay.” Barry pushed the door open to the anteroom just as the strains of Bach’s Jesu, Son of Man’s Desiring wafted through the chancelry door. “Here we go, guys. Smiles all around.”


The maid of honor was halfway down the aisle, and Angel picked up the basket of white petals and looked up at Judy. “Now?”


Judy nodded and knelt down next to her. “Remember, just a few at a time, and walk slow.”


Angel picked up a few petals and looked at Judy. “I know. I’m not a baby. I’m almost nine.” She faced the door. “I’m ready.”


Judy pulled the door open, and Angel tripped as she stepped in, sending a shower of white petals down the aisle. She scrambled to her feet, and started grabbing handfuls of the silky disks, dropping them back into the basket, as the crowd tittered and laughed softly. Angel looked back at Judy guiltily. Judy just smiled and mouthed, “It’s okay. Just keep going.”


Angel stood and looked in the basket, and then down the length of the aisle. She walked forward, kicking the petals with her shiny white shoes. When there were no more petals in the aisle, she grabbed a handful from the basket and scattered them on the carpet at her feet.


When she got to the front, she turned around and waved at Barry, who had taken a seat next to Penny on the far end of the first row. Dana slipped in as the music changed to the wedding march, and the whole congregation stood. Angel waved at her mother and grinned.


Jayce Randal fussed in Sue’s arms, and she quieted him, putting him up on her shoulder and patting his back. “Shh, baby. Shh.” She watched the beautiful bride float up the aisle on her father’s arm, and had to smile. She remembered her wedding day like it was yesterday. Two years had flown by since she had walked down the same aisle, looked into those beautiful brown eyes she loved so well, and said “I do.” She turned back to the front and caught her husband’s eye.


Donovan smiled back and mouthed, “I love you.” He turned to Seth. “This is it, buddy. The happiest day of your life. Until your first baby is born. Then it’ll be the second happiest.”


Seth gave him a shy smile, and then turned and watched his bride approach the dais. He stepped forward when Rorshack asked, “Who gives this woman to be married?”


“Her mother and I do,” Mr. Andrews answered, and placed Felicia’s hand in Seth’s.


Rorshack nodded and addressed the crowd. “Let us pray.”

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