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About Yvonne Tillapaugh

Yvonne Tillapaugh is a mother of four, and grandmother of 8. Her and her late husband were long time residents of Denver, Colorado, where they founded Denver Street School, a private Christian high school for troubled youth, and a national ministry, Street School Network, to help individuals in other cities start similar programs. 

Yvonne was a licensed Practical Nurse for 25 years, both in Oklahoma and in Colorado. She received her BA from Metropolitan State College of Denver and taught music, drama, art, sewing, and science in private Christian schools.


Music and drama have been two great loves, and she has written and directed many dramas and musicals over the years. One of the most impactful experiences in her life was directing the Passion Play of Denver for ten years. She currently lives in Oklahoma, and enjoys reading and writing, gardening, quilting, and going “junkin” with her sister.

"My novel writing journey began many years ago when I started writing the novelization of my experiences at the coffee house, Jesus on Main Street, in Denver. I began writing other stories, and joined an online writing forum. Those early novels just sat in my laptop, which had broken until my son-in-law recovered them from the hard drive.

When my sister, Rebecca Cole, announced one day that she had decided to write a novel, I started thinking maybe I should do something with all those things I had written and squirreled away to work on sometime in the future. I sat beside her on her couch and pulled out the unedited manuscripts and started working.

She self-published her first novel, Sunday School Sweethearts, in June, 2022, and I followed her with my first, Angel in the Street."

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